Last week my laptop's hdd crashed, probably because of the high temperature we do have now in France (!!!). Fortunately enough, I was able to recover all my emails, last codes and writings. Unfortunately though, I lost quiet a lot of experimental data. That's life.

I'll definitely do more backups. Right now, I'm using rsync in the old fashion:

rsync -av --delete Archives login@backuphost:

P-H. Gosselin gave me a nice trick to deal we this. You put all things important in only one folder 'Archives', like your '.thunderbird' folder for instance. Then you symlink them back to where they're usefull (e.g. ln -s ~/Archives/.thunderbid ~/.thunderbird). This way, you only need to save the Archive folder, which simplifies the backup script.

To automate things, I added some fancy gui using zenity:

if zenity --question --text="Do the backup?"
then rsync -av --delete ~/Archives login@backuphost: | zenity --progress --pulsate

I schedule the script every day around lunch using gnome-schedule. Thus, I have a nice popup which asks me to allow the backup to proceed. One thing that would be nicer, would have to know the output of rsync, which at the time is eaten by zenity.