Philippe-Henri Gosselin

Principal Scientist, Interdigital R&D France
Address : 975 Avenue des Champs Blancs,
35576 Cesson-Sévigné
Email :

Vectors of Locally Aggregated Tensors (VLAT) Demonstration Software


Demonstration software of VLAT indexing methods

  • Standad C/C++, CeCILL Licence
  • Linux Platforms
  • Image search by similarity
  • Image categorization

Download software and datasets:

Retin Multimedia Indexing and Retrieval System


Supervisor of RETIN system (4th version)

  • Large scale data storage, remote services and monitoring
  • Toolboxes: linear algebra, signal and image processing, codecs, ...
  • Learning tools: quantization, component analysis, classification, ...
  • Visual descriptors: Colors, Gabors, Wavelets, SIFT, HoG, LK optic flow, ...
  • State-of-the-art indexing techniques: BoW, LLC, VLAD, VLAT, ...