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This is the personal page of Stéphane Zuckerman (it's me—hi).
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On here I'll maintain minimal information related to my professional activities. In a nutshell, I am a computer scientist, currently working in the ETIS Laboratory, which is composed of researchers from ENSEA, CNRS, and CY Cergy Paris Université, where I act as an Associate Professor in the IUT component of the university, in the GEII department (basically, think Electrical and Computer Engineering). My research interests focus on parallel architectures, both for high-performance and embedded/reconfigurable computing, in particular running & scheduling multi-threaded applications. Over the recent years, I have helped develop a novel execution model, called the Codelet Model, which attempts to provide a solution to run parallel applications on shared memory systems with increasingly high core counts. I am also chair of the IEEE STC Parallel Model & System Dataflow and Beyond group, which means to promote data- and event-driven models for energy-efficient high-performance and big data computing.

To contact me:

Tél. IUT : +33 1 34 25 69 26
Tél. ETIS : +33 1 30 73 62 69
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Mél. : stephane.zuckerman@$

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