On Friday morning, I received a nice email from Elsevier stating that, finally, one of my articles will be published. I don't really know what is the more irritating: The fact that it was accepted 2 years ago for publication, or the big spam at the end of the email promoting some totally stupid and useless stuff like certificates of publication.

Come on, Elsevier. I wrote this article back in 2009, and the peer review went fine so that it was accepted in early 2010. What is wrong with your publishing processes? Two years to get from the editor's desk to the printer is a bit long, isn't it? It is somehow disappointing to wait that much time.

Moreover, why would you think I would be interested in stupid gifts like a giant poster version of the first page, or a certificate of publication (at 35 euros each)? Sure I am proud of the work I did on this. But I am proud of the work in itself, not the way it is published. The fact that it took the shape of a journal article published by Elsevier rather than a technical report is just the same to me.

This job is sufficiently hard enough with all the bibliometric shit around, that I don't need some corporate consumerism on top of it. Now, please, just get off my lawn.