Vector of Locally Aggregated Tensors is an efficient image signature for image classification and indexing.

  • Standard C/C++, CeCILL licence (compatible GPL)
  • Easy compilation on Linux

All source code is available at www.vlat.fr, as well as the related papers and data.


JKernelMachines is a small java library for Kernel Based Learning algorithms. It features:

  • SVM (using SMO algorithm, Pegasos for linear kernels)
  • MKL (using SimpleMKL)
  • S3VM (using a SVMLight variant, both linear and non-linear)
  • Various kernels (multithreaded, cached, exotic kernels, ...)
  • Easy way to implement new kernels

The goal of this library is to be able to easily use SVM with non-standard kernels (like kernels with spatial relationship, learned kernels, kernel on bags, ...). If you have any comments on this, feel free to email me about it.

Download :
JKernelMachines on mloss.org
JKernelMachines on github


Etaine is a tiny multi-agents system simulator written in java. Some features

  • Highly multi-threaded
  • Simple XML based configuration
  • Support for multiple hosts simulation
  • Easy messaging between agents
  • Easy implementation of agents behaviour

This project is now with an open source licence (GPL).

Download : Etaine on sourceforge