I feel blessed with my PhD students.

Last week saw the PhD day at our lab, where all second year PhD students of the lab present their work at a small open workshop. This year, the formula was changed to cope with the number of people presenting (around 20). We had 3 minute thesis presentations for the general flavor of the work followed by poster sessions for the technical details.

Marie-Morgane won the best oral presentation award for her amazing 3 minute presentation (she was the clear winner here). Pierre Jacob won the best poster presentation for his excellent explanations. I am very happy that both of my second year students won, because they put so much effort in their work that it has to be rewarded. Especially in the current context where it is so difficult to publish at major conferences. Last year, Diogo Luvizon won the oral presentation award and three years ago, Jérôme Fellus also won the oral presentation award.

I feel very lucky to work with these talented people.