About me

Since december 2011, I am a PhD Student in the Equipes Traitement de l'Information et Systèmes (ETIS) laboratory [Information and System Processing Teams] in Cergy-Pontoise, and a member of the neurocybernetics team. My supervisors are Pr. Mathias Quoy, the director of the ETIS laboratory and Dr. Ramesh Caussy, president and founder of Partnering Robotics, in addition to Pr. Philippe Gaussier, the director of the Neurocybernetics team.
The title of my PhD thesis is "Bio-inspired visual navigation in large indoor environments". The aim of my thesis is to ensure the scalability and the robustness of existing navigation algorithms in large and unknown environments (no prior knowledge).
I'm one of the creators of the robot berenson which was presented at the Quai branly museum and i'm the first contributor of the robot Diya One.

About Neurocybernetics team

The research activity of the team aims at understanding the mecanisms enabling a living being to adapt to its environment (insect, animal or human) and at implementing them on autonomous robots using vision as main source of information. This bottom-up approch explores the idea that, in a rich enough environment, stable complex behaviors could emerge from the low level mecanisms of the robot and its abilities to adapt to the environment. To do so, the dynamics of the robotic system as well as the global dynamic of the interactions, between the system(s) and the environment - whether physical or social, are considered. Sensorimotor loops are designed as artificial neural networks with capabilities for learning (associative, unsupervised, conditionning or reinforcement learning), and for parallelization (splitting and distributing the neural loops over several computing units, reusing the same cortical and sub-cortical "structures" in several models). Thus, the same tools are used to study the issues of motor control, multi-modality, planning and selection of action for navigation and non-verbal human-robot cooperation tasks requiring the understanding of the mecanisms of recognition, affordance, imitation and emotional interactions.

About Partnering Robotics

Partnering Robotics is a Young Innovative Company which designs and produces solutions (hardware and software platforms) and digital services into emerging markets (Robotics and Energy Management) or industrial situation reconfiguration (Digital Printing). Specifically, we develop innovative solutions that we have good control. These solutions have opportunities to promising markets. We use different converging technologies, which are complex to articulate them which gives us a certain barrier to entry. In addition, our projects are accompanied by an innovative business model.

Research interests

Bio-inpired models for mobile robots navigation, robotic arms manipulation and related questions:

  • Neural networks, bio-inspired robotics
  • Learning from demonstration, reinforcement learning, autonomous learning
  • Developmental approach
  • Sensorimotor control
  • Navigation using Cognitive map