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David Declercq's HomePage

David Declercq,
ETIS laboratory,
6, avenue du Ponceau,
95014, Cergy-Pontoise,
Tel: (+33) 1 30 73 62 94
Fax: (+33) 1 30 73 66 27

Fields of Interest
Since the beginning of my research activities, I have developed a strong expertise in algorithm designs, and especially in the Fields of Signal Processing and Error Correcting Codes for digital communications. The way I like to work on problems is to understand and solve the issues related to the transfer of methods and techniques from theory to practice. In particular, I focus on the practical aspects of algorithm designs, which have an important impact on the industry. For this reason, I like to work in a collaborative way with either with other universities or with companies, through direct contracts and collaborations or within large consortium.

Research Projects and Industry Sponsors