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Dr. Arsenia (Ersi) Chorti

Dr. Arsenia (Ersi) Chorti,
ETIS, UMR 8051,
6, Avenue du Ponceau,
95000, Cergy-Pontoise,

Current Position
Associate Professor at the ENSEA, Member of the Equipes de Traitement de l'Information et Systemes (ETIS) , ENSEA - University of Cergy-Pontoise - CNRS, UMR 8051, and, a Visiting Research Fellow, University of Essex, UK

Research Interests
My current research spans the areas of wireless communications and the design of security schemes for 5G and beyond, with a particular focus on physical layer security and edge computing. The primary research topics I work on include: wireless security, 5G and IoT, resource allocation, cross-layer protocols, non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA).

Current Funding

Current PhD Students
Prospective PhD students interested in pursuing research in wireless communications, physical layer security, 5G, and IoT are encouraged to contact me by e-mail.

Former Students

Current Collaborations