Alex Pitti
Associate Professor/ chaire d'excellence CNRS

My research includes aspects of artificial intelligence, neural networks models, developmental psychology and bio-inspired robotics. My deeper philosophy of research includes dynamical systems, chaos, the complex systems approach, synchronization, embodiment and enaction.

In short, "the body shapes the mind". Because sensorimotor information is so well intertwined and coordinated, that it gives to any organism an information structured and rich, about the receptors, their configuration, the body morphology, the context, the muscles, which can permit them to learn from the environment and to act on it. When they act, they learn and change their internal organization as a consequence of their actions, which induces to change in their future actions as well.

Enacted, embodied and complex systems turn noise into nuance, in the sense given by Edgar Morin, Merleau-Ponty, Alain Berthoz, Rolf Pfeifer, Francisco Varela, Jean Piaget, Kevin O'Regan and so many others.

In comparison to infants who seemlessly learn all sort of things without effort, the hillside is still harsh for robots to achieve any improvement out of chaos in their understanding of their own agency in the world.

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Last updated June 2015