I'll be in Vienna this week. This is part of the annual trip to a German speaking country with the second year students. This year, we'll have the excellent opportunity to visit the University of Technology.

Most important of all, it's also the occasion to go to the opera and see die Zauberflöte!

Seminar by Piotr Koniusz, tuesday 10th jan. 2012

Tomorrow, Peter (University of Surrey) will be showing us the latest advances of his work in computer vision. The seminar is open to anyone willing to attend, but the entrance of the lab can be difficult if you're not working here. Please send me an email if you're coming so I can make things easier.

This presentation focuses on a number of steps in Bags-Of-Words including: i) segmentation-based descriptor design, ii) descriptor-to-visual-vocabulary coding step including Soft Assignment and its connection to Linear Coordinate Coding methods, and iii) Spatial Coordinate Coding to reduce histogram representations with Dominant Angle and Colour Pyramid Match to exploit non-spatial bias in images.
Regarding i), segmentation-based image descriptors for object category recognition were investigated. In contrast to commonly used interest points the proposed descriptors are extracted from pairs of adjacent regions given by a segmentation method. In this way we exploit semi-local structural information from the image.
Regarding ii), we show that one can take two views on Soft Assignment: an approach derived from Gaussian Mixture Model or special case of Linear Coordinate Coding. The latter view helped us propose how to optimise smoothing factor of Soft Assignment in a way that minimises descriptor reconstruction error and maximises classification performance.
Regarding iii), alternative ways of introducing spatial information during formation of histograms were investigated. Specifically, we proposed to apply spatial location information at a descriptor level (Spatial Coordinate Coding). Lastly, we demonstrated that Pyramid Match can be applied robustly to other measurements: Dominant Angle and Colour.

Info: Tuesday 10th jan, 15h, room 384, ENSEA

Happy Awesome New Year

That's how I like new year beginning: a project I've been working on hard has been approved and will begin shortly. It's called TerraRush

The main topic is the indexing of video rushes (up to 50h+ of video per hour of movie) to facilitate their commercial exploitation. More on this soon...