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Ligong Wang's Webpage

Ligong Wang,
ETIS, UMR 8051,
6, avenue du Ponceau,
F-95000, Cergy-Pontoise,
Tel: (+33) 1 30 73 62 96

Current Position
  Chargé de recherche with CNRS, France, hosted by ETIS laboratory in Cergy-Pontoise.

Short Bio
  2004 B.E. from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.
  2006 M.Sc. from ETH Zurich, Switzerland.
  2011 Dr.Sc. from ETH Zurich, Switzerland. Thesis advisor: Prof. Amos Lapidoth.
  2011-2014 Postdoc at MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA. Host: Prof. Gregory W. Wornell.
  2014-present Chargé de recherche with CNRS, France.

Research Interests

Current PhD Students
We have an open PhD position in Information Theory starting in late 2017. Possible research directions include covert (low-probability-of-detection) communication, optical communication, and coding theory. Applications should be sent by email to the address on the left.